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NOW is the time to sell your house - Play it SMART!!!

Posted on July 10, 2013 at 11:47 PM Comments comments (61)
Many homeowners are hesitant to market their homes because they are not knowledgeable about the number of opportunities available to them.  One area that this heavily affects is Foreclosures.  Foreclosures can be detrimental to an individual's financial stability and credit worthiness. Once a homeowner enters foreclosure, they have forfeited most opportunities that may have otherwise prevented such actions.  Thus, they have placed themselves in a bad situation when they could have very well prevented the situation and ended up on the winning end of the ordeal. 

Wholesalers are actively seeking homeowners to assist them in their real estate endeavors; specifically, to buy their home in any condition, without any closing costs or repairs required by the homeowner.  In fact, many established wholesalers will be able to assist homeowners with their move, provide QUICK closings, and offer cold, hard CASH with as little as a phone call or virtual submission and a fair assessment.  Wholesale transactions will cut out the hefty real estate commissions paid by the homeowner and can ultimately provide the homeowner with a quick and easy solution to avoid and resolve foreclosures, bad tenants, probate/inherited distressed properties, divorce estates, rundown properties, tax liens, and many more real estate issues. 

A knowledgeable wholesaler should be able to guide the homeowner in probable alternatives to their current situation and assist them throughout the process without any obligation and/or any costs/fees.  Why?  It's simple.  The wholesaler will benefit much more from a long-term customer rather than a quick buck for selling a homeowner short.  This is the difference between established and experienced wholesale dealers versus those that are just testing the waters.  So, what does this mean to the homeowner?  That means that YOU, the homeowner, shall take your time and explore your options before you jump into a deal.  Learn what the company has to offer and never settle for the first offer, particularly if they have not provided any EXTRA incentives with the deal.  IT IS A SELLER'S MARKET ... so sell at your leisure and with confidence!  As we like to say at 360 Plus Homes, it should be a wholesalers goal to provide their customer with FULL satisfaction ... because we know when you like something, YOU WANT MORE!!!  Good luck and happy selling/investing! 
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What do you do when your back is against the wall?

Posted on November 29, 2012 at 2:56 AM Comments comments (41)
What do you do when your back is against the wall?
This is a question that many homeowners are asking themselves for a variety of reasons.  Today's economy is not so forgiving of our issues with financial security, so we must take a stand and face the challenge eye-to-eye.  Yet, the question remains, how do you know what to do?  Moreover, who do you turn to when you find yourself in such a situation?
Well, there is good news!  There are options for you to consider.  360 Plus Homes, Inc. was developed to aid in such a situation.  Not only do we offer QUICK CASH for as-is properties, but we provide you options.
Our goal is to make sure you, as the homeowner, are satisfied with your decision and have explored multiple options to arrive at the BEST SOLUTION for YOU.  Why?  We know that if you are a happy customer, you have no reservations about promoting our business and remaining a valued and repeat customer for years to come. 
So, the choice is yours ...
Stand and take a step towards financial security with your situation.  If you are:
     * Facing foreclosure?  We can help.
     * Have property liens?  We can help.
     * Owe back taxes?  We can help.
     * NEED significant house repairs?  We can help.
     * Divorcing and need to relocate/sell?  We can help.
     * Have an upside down mortgage?  We can help.
     * NEED cash fast?  We can help.
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