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The 360 Plus Homes Process

We follow a simple and complete 8 step process for our business ...

Seller Provides Information

Seller provides basic information on the property/house for sale via our simple online 360 form. Or you may simply call us directly with your information. We respond quickly to your submittal.

Assess the Information

We quickly assess the information provided using comparable property information and fair market value. The more complete the property submittal form is, the quicker we are able to assess the information. There is NO COST or OBLIGATION for this process.

Give You a Call

We give you a call to discuss the information provided and our assessment. This usually occurs within a few hours post review of the property submittal.

Meet and Discuss

Most times, we can meet with you at the property location and discuss the sale in detail. Our goal is for the seller to be at ease with all details of the process. We pride ourselves on customer service, honesty, and due diligence.

Present the Offer

We present the seller with an ALL CASH OFFER, a quick closing, and no out-of-pocket expenses. This offer is for the house "as-is" ... NO REPAIRS ARE REQUIRED. We like fixer-uppers! We also agree to pay all traditional closing costs. That means YOU, in most cases, come to closing with no funds!! Again, there is NO COST or OBLIGATION for this process.

Accept and Sign

If you accept the offer, both the seller and the 360 Plus Homes representative will sign the purchase contract and send all docs to the title company. All purchase contracts are assignable.

Select a Closing Date

The seller informs us of the preferred closing date to get the CASH and bonus gift (AKA, The PLUS Factor), if applicable. The date may or may not be available, but we will try our best to accommodate the selection. We, 360 Plus Homes, will set up the closing meeting.

Closing Occurs

All parties attend the closing meeting, if possible. In some cases, we can close the deal remotely/virtually by digital signature and wiring of funds. The buyer(s) get the house and the seller gets the CASH and arrange for their bonus "Plus Factor" gift, if applicable. We add YOU, the seller, as a 360 VIP Plus customer.